Contract Packing

Contract Packing

Contract Packing

Being Contract Packing service providers we package a range of items for your company to distribute while ensuring that the finished goods are fabricated in such a way that it appears like they arrive directly from your business.

Our contract packing division operates from a purpose built 30,000 sq. ft. packing hall, built in 2011 it was designed to offer maximum flexibility for our clients.

We have more than thirty years of experience.

During that time, we’ve become expert in contract packing all its related services. 

In addition we operate clean room facilities for food related packaging.

All components and finished stock are controlled by an RF warehouse management system.

This provides real time stock information for clients and can be accessed via our web portal 24/7.

We are committed to providing the highest standards, reflected in our BRC accreditation and annual SEDEX audits.

Through partnerships we can assist with gift design, sourcing and supply of packaging, project management and distribution of the finished product.

What is Contract Packing?

You might have read about the terminology previously, but what is contract packing?

Why do you require this service, and what does it entail?

An interpretation of Contract Packing:

Contract Packing is the procedure of packaging or re-packing things, objects or products for redistribution.

A contract packing company will operate under contract to bundle, package or redistribute items for their customer. Contract packing is also known as co-packing or co packing. A contract packer, or co-packer, is a service provider that performs this task.

“DMW Logistics possess over 30 years of expertise in contract packing and we are more than happy to give guidance and recommendations. We enjoy discussing contract packing, we’d love to heard from you! We are continually searching for ingenious approaches to save our clients money and mimimise the impact on the environment.”

Contract Packing Services

Contract Packing Bottles

Why do you need Contract Packing?

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Typically producers will manufacture products in bulk. Then deliver them as bulk packaged items. This usually decreases their production and logistics spend. They may not have the amenities to package their goods in a retail friendly way. Or supply them in a appropriate packaging for the end user.

What do contract packers do?

A contract packer will usually repackage items for retail or wholesale uses. Co-packers are employed to assist when producers are especially busy. To provide a helping hand when demand surpasses their capacity. They can help businesses increase their manufacturing capacities.

Contract packers are often employed to pack promotional products. Or contracted to pack gifts for special occasions. Hand packing fragile or awkward shaped items that machines can’t handle.

Examples of contract packing

Why choose DMW for Contract Packing?

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Maybe your company produces and ships products in bulk to keep costs low. You package the items for transit only, meaning they aren't yet set for retail. Instead of investing in equipment, personnel and training to pack the goods yourself, you can easily contract out this job to a contract packer.

Contract Packers usually provide several packaging solutions for their clients. Here are some typical examples:

Hand Packing: Delicate or irregular shaped items are typically hand assembled into gift sets.

Shrink Wrapping: Often used to wrap many products with each other. Shrink wrap provides a tamper proof and presentable retail friendly appearance.

Labelling: To add bar codes or for branding reasons. Commonly used to relabel items for particular reasons.

Batch Coding: To print day codes for traceability or words for product information.

Warehousing: Secure storage facilities and inventory management.

Logistics: Co-packers are occasionally used for the onward distribution of product lines.

Reworking and Remedial Work: To correct packaging issues from another contract packer or producer.

Quality Control: Inspection is a major component of quality control, where the physical product is examined visually.

There isn’t one.

These are all different names for the same service.

Prices differentiate quite a lot from customer to customer, as every job is unique. Here are a few factors that affect the likely cost of the job:

Quantity - smaller runs usually cost more than larger ones

Type of packaging - some options are more expensive to make, and so have a higher price

Print options - printing artwork onto packaging adds to the cost, although digital printing can lower the price

Please contact us to discuss your project where we'll be able to give you a better idea of likely costs.

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From our central location within the UK, close to both the M1 and A1, we deliver into all the major retailers daily or weekly.  Our distribution services cover the UK and worldwide, with fully managed services available.
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